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Where it begins...

Where it begins… Majella Capital is the fulfilment of decades of planning, goals and growth. Our company is actioning these ideas and plans in to entire ‘concept to completion’ project services to meet the needs of our clients, investors and the communities we live in.

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Our Values

Our specialist expertise provides investors with advice built on Majella’s Group’s core principles. These principles comprises of three pillars - Quality, Integrity and Innovation.



Majella Group is committed to delivering quality products and services to fully satisfy the specific needs of our clients. Managed, audited and transparent services which creates value for our clients, investors and communities.



Majella Group respects our staff, our commitments, our principles and our communities, even though if there can beare contrary external pressures. Our integrity underpins the way we work together, the support of our customers and our commitments to stakeholders.



Majella Group is proud to have passionate teams of experts who constantly enhance our service offerings in every field of our endeavours. Innovation originates from many sources and is inspired by creativity, technology, community and societal trends and recognising future potential.

These principles strengthen Majella Capital’s dedication to developing long-term, beneficial relationships with each and every one of our clients, generating wealth in a sustainable way.

Our Structure

Majella Capital is the manager of the Majella Capital Sub Fund (‘Fund’), a sub-fund of Guardian Investment Fund (ARSN: 168 048 057), who is a managed, investment scheme that is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’).

Guardian Securities Limited is the issued Responsible Entity of the Fund and holds an Australian Financial Securities Licence (‘AFSL’), as issued by the ASIC. Upon subscription to the Fund, the investor acquires a beneficial interest in the project in which they invest through ownership of Special Purpose Vehicles established to undertake the projects or investments.

Investments can include businesses – be they start-up or well-established; technology advancements or development projects within key locations in areas identified by Majella Capital that can derive the right amount of return for a commensurate level of risk.

Our Services

Majella Capital offers the following investment pathways to a wide range of investors, creating flexibility.



Australia has an advanced healthcare system, offering both private and public options supported by government subsidised health care facilities for certain individuals. Immigrant health care in the United States is distinct from citizen health care, again offering both private and public options.


Australia and the United States has a world class education system, with many prominent institutions a close walking distance to Majella’s development projects.

Family migration

Majella can assist visa holders in sponsoring their family members for temporary or permanent residency

Social security benifits

Visa holders can also receive certain social security payments depending upon applicable criteria.

Your chosen pathway, your success

Majella will work with the investor along the entire process, for a successful outcome.

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